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When are wireless systems safe?

You need to think carefully and carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of wireless systems before deciding on them. Of course, wireless systems can be used not only for security purposes, but also for multimedia tasks, for example, in multi-zone audio distribution systems (Paket CCTV). And in this case, there is no objection to using a wireless system: in case of a failure, we will not hear music or radio, and this is not critical. However, if the signal from a wireless fire detector or a vital element of a dispatching system, for example, which turns on heating in winter, does not reach the signal, then the losses can be very significant, up to and including loss of life.
Assess the risks

Therefore, it is always worthwhile to assess the risks when operating wireless systems. They cannot guarantee that the signal will be delivered to the recipient in a timely and guaranteed manner. In the vast majority of systems, wireless sensors transmit only one way and do not receive a response about the delivery of their signals. Wireless sensors are not constantly connected: in normal mode, they transmit a signal once a minute or less often, so the loss of a signal from a wireless sensor does not cause an immediate response from the control panel. You need to understand that only a specific alarm signal from the sensor immediately triggers the alarm, but if no signals from the wireless sensor come, then the system does not know about it for several minutes.
Safety only in wires

Security systems must be wired. The wire can be copper or fiber-optic, but the signal must be guaranteed to be delivered to the receiving side (to the control panel, computer, video recorder). Only in this case can one rely on the operation of such a system.

A good illustration of the vulnerability of wireless systems is the following case from personal experience. A wireless fire and security alarm system was installed in one of the offices in the center of Moscow. It worked perfectly during commissioning: all sensors were visible in the system and transmitted signals correctly. After a few months, part of the system stopped working: signals from the sensors stopped coming to the control panel. The next day, the whole system worked perfectly again. There were no sources of interference inside the office itself. However, it turned out that a small apartment next to the office was used by one of the law enforcement agencies for some confidential negotiations and secret meetings, during which the permitted radio frequency range was completely blocked within a radius of several tens of meters. Attempts at complaints and even an offer to buy this apartment back failed.


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